Your 100 year old advisor

November 6, 2023 Length: 2 min Back to Posts

Many books and self-help articles bring up the deathbed scenario to help you think more clearly. That is, when you are on your death bed, what are you going to regret? What did you wish you spent more time doing? What are you wasting your time on, or what risks should you have taken that you didn’t.

While this deathbed perspective is useful, I recently found a better take on this concept that is more actionable and just feel more natural.

While reading the book Someday is today by Matthew Dicks, a recurring idea that comes up is the idea of your 100 year old self that is ready to consult you and help you make decisions. After trying this exercise for a couple weeks, I feel like it is an easier concept to reference than a bed-bound version of yourself that cannot walk and can barely talk.

These are few areas that I am trying to work on after consulting myself:

  • Watching mindless entertainment YouTube videos to help me unwind
    • replace with naps, meditation, or reading
  • Avoid reading all the social media sites that are filled with negative comments and trolls. These sites never provide any useful information with all the commentary.
  • While on the treadmill, try to spend more time doing useful things like reading instead of watching the TV or playing video games.

While the deathbed scenario is useful, the 100 year old version of yourself seems more focused on what you are doing at the time…instead of focusing on you dying. It is slight change in perspective, but I think it is less intimidating and leads to a more actionable decision.

All these concepts always seem great in your mind when you first read about them. Things seem so clear until days or weeks go by and your normal habits hit you. Only time will tell if this thinking pattern will turn into a long-term habit.

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