5 Tips for Generating Amazing Music with Udio

April 16, 2024 Length: 3 min Back to Posts

Wow! That was my first thought when browsing some of the examples of the recently released AI music generation platform https://www.udio.com.

It is hard to believe how far AI music has come in the past couple years. I have no way of knowing how ethical all this is with trained data, but that is for another discussion. Knowing it is possible to create results like this from an algorithm is pretty fascinating.

With only a small investment of time, you can get up to speed and generate a variety of different sounds. If you haven’t heard what type of results Udio can give you. Here are a few examples I generated over the past few days:

Japanese Rock
Guitar Virtuoso
Slow Orchestral
Synthwave Pop

An important thing to keep in mind is that AI generated music currently has no copyright protection since it "isn't created by human beings"

Anyone can take these songs, or any songs generated at Udio.com. Add them to their corporate training video, short film, movie, video game, or demo reel. it will be really interesting how this “no copyright” world will evolve. I foresee an entire industry of people recreating AI generated creations to give them copyright protection, and bypass any AI detection software. There will also be a slew of people just lying and sending words to the copyright office that are AI generated – and will undoubtedly pass in many instances.

5 Tips to Level Up Your Music Generation Skills

A tool is only as powerful as knowing how to use it. These are are a few pointers that helped me level up the quality of my music generations and prompting.

  1. Learn from others - Sometimes you can’t think of that one word to use to get the sound you want. Browser around the site and see what other people are using.

  2. Try again - If Udio doesn’t spit out good examples, go back to your base song and generate more. You never know when it will output something that resonates with you. You have a lot of generations right now in the Beta phase

  3. Swap out lyrics - Udio generates lyrics, but sometimes they are just bad. It is often easier to generate some base lyrics, then use that as the template and swap out words for a new generation using your more focused lyrics.

  4. Create “save states” - Udio only creates ~30 increments when doing generations. It also creates 2 variations at a time. It can become a mess trying to build out a song with so many not used versions. You can delete the bad versions, but this still cane make it difficult as there is no numbering like checkpoint 1, 2, 3, etc.

  5. Sharing is Caring - This is still a new technology, so don’t underestimate how fun, and amazing, most people will think your songs are if you share them. Coming up with funny themes or lyrics work really well for this. Especially if it is something very nerdy or niche that won’t have many songs.

I hope you found this list helpful. Happy prompting.

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