August Game Jam 2012 - Music

August 7, 2012 Length: 1 min Back to Posts

Another game jam under the belt. The audio crew was pretty small, so we decided to have just one audio team. Different teams would come to us and let us know what they wanted. I was the only composer, so I ended up doing quite a few games. I didn’t have nearly enough time to create multiple songs for each game, so it ended up being just a main theme for each one.

Braising Saddles (Western)

切腹の侍 (Seppuku Samurai)  (Japanese)

HD-SD!  (Motivational techno)

Banana Runner  (DDR style techno)

Unknown Game  (Graveyard)

I was thinking about fixing some of the songs after the jam before I posted them, but thought it would take away from the whole idea of a game jam. Some instrumentation is clashing that have close ranges, and some songs didn’t even get a chance to be mixed or mastered. It was a ton of fun though and I learned about some musical styles that I have never touched before. The two that I think came off the best were “Braising Saddles” and “Banana Runner”.  What do you think?

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