Losing Context with Technology

July 27, 2015 Length: 1 min Back to Posts

Every so often, I get to a point with my RSS feeds where I start to get bored. Right now, it is filled with mostly tech news. While technology improves at a rapid pace, it gets rather boring with incremental speed increases, larger screen sizes, companies merging, or someone being litigated. I often times forget why any of this is important.  Will most of these technology improvements make an impact?

Time for a RSS feed update!

Personally, I am starting to follow thought leaders like Matt Mullenweg, as well as business and news related feeds. The Havard Business Review and Entrepreneur also have nice posts.

I am hoping this added context will breed more creativity and potential opportunities

Hi, I'm Scott

I mostly keep this blog to help me remember things. Writing is also a great way to understand things at a deeper level. I would highly recommend it if you don't write at all.