Packt Publishing Reaches 1000 IT Titles

September 26, 2012 Length: 1 min Back to Posts

Until a few years ago, I never saw or heard of Packt Publishing. I would always get my technology information from the internet – or maybe from a book on Amazon. This new company popped up and started offering titles on obscure and newer technologies. The type of technologies that have poor documentation on their website because the developers haven’t had time to write tutorials or good instruction.

They are a huge supporter of open source software and have donated over $450,000 to different projects since their inception.

They are in the process of releasing their 1,000th title.  Congratulations to them!

They have a promotion currently going on where you can get a free gift by signing up for an account (before September 30). Accounts are free.  My best guess is it will be some type of percentage off a book, but who knows.

If you do anything geeky with computers, at least check out Packt’s website for what they have to offer. I have bought quite a few books over the years and have enjoyed just about all of them.

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