Your Own "Sense or Urgency"

October 9, 2014 Length: 1 min Back to Posts

“For a Limited Time”. “For 2 weeks Only”. “Hurry…this offer expires soon”

In marketing, it is commonplace to have a sense of urgency in your communication.

How many thousands of these messages have we seen in our life like this. Probably too many to count. After years of seeing verbiage like this, the words begin to lose its meaning and our attention is lost.

Of course the purpose of having this type of message is important. If something was always available, how much would you really want it? Without a resource being scarce, the resource becomes boring and generic. A commodity. The fear of losing scarce resources is what drives us into action.

Our own lives have a “limited-time only”, but how many of us really acknowledge our own mortality? It is too easy to get lost in our own busyness; or put things off saying that it will be easier to do later…when I make more money…when I pay off the house…when the kids move out…when I retire.

We don’t know when we will breath our last breath. Do we need a greater sense of urgency than that?

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