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Scott Petrovic

I am a UI designer/developer. I actively develop my artistic, UI, and programming skills through college courses, self-studies, and freelance work. It is always an evolutionary process. I am always looking for opportunities to improve and become better with what I do.


Swank Motion Pictures
Swank Motion Pictures Visit website

Most of the work I do I cannot share as it is internal tools that the company uses. I can share a bit about the process I use. I usually get direction from the head of our engineering department about features that the business wants. The highest priority items that need design work come to me. I then work with a business analyst, business stakeholder, and software developer to iron out all the details and and workflows. When everything is done I pass the designs and requirements off to the developer to get started. We use JIRA and email for managing the steps and communication. I did help build with the website shown above. That project involved helping marketing get familiar with using the Umbraco CMS and adding content that an outside agency did. There is an API that feeds in a bunch of movie titles, so I helped make sure all those processes were working.

Angular C# .Net Core 6 CSS/SASS Affinity Publisher Docker/Kubernetes Azure Pipelines GIT SQL Atlassian JIRA/Confluence
Krita Foundation
Krita Software Visit GIT repository

I was put in charge of the user interface direction in 2014 for the project. For a lot of the work, we use a combination on communication tools since we are all remote: IRC, forums, and bug trackers. From this information I work with the developers and artists to come up with the final designs. The design decisions I help facilitate range from fixing confusing verbiage to creating an animation system workflow. I also spend a lot of time in the code as well doing front end development and improving the workflow and appearance. I usually do my development on Linux as that is what the other developers use. I have done a lot of wireframes and discussions if you want to see more of the process I use.

C++ Qt Framework 5 Qt Designer Linux Inkscape Git
Krita Scripting School
Krita Scripting School Visit website See source code

Another website I made related to Krita. Krita is built in C++, but has a Python wrapper so people can make plugins for it using the core code. I designed, wrote, and developed this site over a few weeks. To get the icons and actions pages, I had to download the Krita source code, and write a script that would parse it and extract images and text. See the project source code

React Python HTML CSS/SASS Node.js NPM
krita website
Krita marketing site Visit website See source code

I design and develop the marketing website since 2014. This involves iteratively making improvements and fixes as feedback is received. I work with developers, artists, and the community to prioritize changes. I procure illustrations and art mostly through social media where I request permission. I periodically collect feedback through the forums and other communication channels like IRC. The existing iteration focuses on improving the translator experience and making it easier to make edits and changes through a VS code editor IDE for new content.

Hugo (Static site generator) HTML CSS/SASS Vanilla Javascript Localization
blender website
Blender marketing site Visit website

A site that I helped work on from 2013-2014. I came in a little late to help out with the site design. I did help out quite a bit with javascript issues that arose from plug-ins and responsiveness. It was the first time I really worked much with GitHub and LESS before. It was a nice experience and the site turned out pretty well.



UI Designer/Developer

Swank Motion Pictures

A post-theatrical movie distribution company that operates similar to NetFlix. I work in their engineering department and work with developers and business people. Most of the tools and designs that I work on are internal and deal with order fulfillment. I create wire frames and mock ups for Smart TV, web, and embedded applications. If design work is getting low, I help the developers and work on UI development. The development technologies I help out with are HTML, CSS, Angular.js, javascript, and C#.

November 2010 - Present

UI Designer/Developer

Krita Foundation

A free and open source drawing and painting application. It is similar to Photoshop, but has a stronger emphasis on drawing and painting. This involves a lot of user research and learning how artists use the application. I do quite a bit of development as well. It is written in C++ using the Qt framework.

March 2013 - Present

Web Designer

CPI Corporation

Designed aesthetics of multiple sites and updated as needed. Headed web analytics for quantitative & qualitative insights. Worked independently and worked under tight deadlines. Assisted marketing department with web strategies and direction

September 2007 - November 2010

Layout Artist

The Exponent (Purdue University newspaper)

Created daily newspaper layouts under strict deadlines. Worked with Editors and Photographers. Used QuarkXPress and NewsEdit Pro to assemble layouts

August 2006 - May 2007

Art Director

Petrovic Commercial Screen Printing

Designed graphics for signs, banners, and posters for spot color printing. This is my dad's company, which expains the same last name. Edited artwork to be compatible with printing. Performed color. Separating with added guidelines and trim marks. Established good, positive relationships with clients and employees. Interacted with customers on a regular basis to ensure accuracy

Summer 2005 (Internship)


Purdue University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Graphics Technology

GPA: 3.49

August 2003 - May 2007

Awards, Certificates & Activities

Projects & Internal Tools

Order Tracking Application

An internal tool used to help process orders. After an order is placed, movies need to be created depending on what type of device or product is needed. This application helps employees track the process to make sure the order is delivered to the customer. I was in charge of the design and assisted with much of the development.

Content Scheduler Application

An internal tool used to help build schedules for a TV channel. The schedules use our movie content and trailers. You can create schedules, add events, as well as some advanced funtionality to help fill schedules with content and trailers. This project converted an old Silverlight application to a newer Angular application with a .NET Core backend.

Missing Content Application

Often new content needs to be ordered from a movie studio. Content masters we recieve are too large to process, so we have a team of video technologists that normalize the videos and prepare files. This tool is a dashboard to help our content team process content that comes in, as well as help in prioriting. This was originally a Silverlight application, which I re-designed and developed working very closely with the content team.

Design Prototype for Streaming Solution
Visit design

A prototype to help solve some issues that were presented to me for our streaming solution. The main pain point was our current lack of media for movies. We currently use another 3rd party metadata provider, but we are not bringing in the media assets. This concept site is to help showcase what our streaming site could look like if we starting ingesting and displaying the new metadata. Instead of doing a design in a typical design software like Photoshop, InDesign, or Figma, I created an interactive prototype using Angular and a lot of vanilla javascipt. The end result ended up being a lot of screenshots, but there were a few demos showing it off interactively, which made a much better impact.